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One of the most important safety devices on your automobile is your windshield. Your windshield keeps out cold and heat, wind, rain and airborne road debris. Your windshield provides a significant amount of strength to the structural support in the cabin of the vehicle. Your windshield is part of the vehicle's safety restraint system (SRS) that also includes air bags and seat belts.

If any of these safety components are damaged, or are inoperable for any reason, the effectiveness of the entire SRS could be compromised. In many cars and trucks, the windshield supports the airbags during deployment. If a windshield is replaced improperly, the windshield could become detached from the vehicle in an accident. If this happens the airbags will not deploy properly. PRIDE Auto Glass uses industry leading adhesives. The benefits of using superior product are:

- Excellent performance on automotive glass and ceramic substrates
- Compatible with the most advanced automotive paint technologies
- High performance OEM durability specifications, crash-test proven
- Leading, proven technology specified by OEMs worldwide

A wide range of Glass Bonding Systems products are used to meet diverse glass bonding applications, including windshields and quarter glass. Quality materials with your safety in mind, PRIDE Auto Glass.

Care for Your New Windshield

1 Hour Safe Drive Away Time -The adhesive used to bond the windshield to the car's body needs at least 1 hour to set up to a tactile strength required by Automotive Safety Collision Standards.

Nothing On The Dash For 48 Hours - No sunscreens, sun shades, dash mats, antennas, wiring or any other objects that could come in contact with the adhesive.

No car wash for 48 hours - No high pressure should be applied to the windshield areas until the adhesive has completely cured.

Retention Tape - If retention tape is used on your windshield, it must remain on for 24 hours.

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